Dr Mendelovici, highly experienced cosmetic doctor and skin expert, creates a natural look that reduces wrinkles without removing character


What is BOTULINUM TOXIN and its benefits?

Botulinum toxin A also called ‘Botox’ is used medically to treat certain muscular conditions, and cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles.


As we age, the body stops producing collagen (which keeps skin supple and firm) and elastin (which helps skin ‘bounce back’ after making facial expressions), meaning repetitive facial expressions like laughing and squinting can become a source of fine lines and wrinkles.


Botox injections reduce the signs of ageing by smoothing out the appearance of wrinkles, helping our skin to appear clearer and more youthful. Strategic Botox injections in specific muscles help to soften these lines, resulting in a refreshed and rejuvenated look


Botox works by relaxing the facial musculature which causes the wrinkles that occur in the face as a result of the ageing process.

Areas to be treated

  • Frown lines - Frown lines also called glabella lines, are the furrows between the eyebrows, generally shaped like the number 11. These expression lines can be caused by a variety of factors over the years, including sun damage, smoking, and repetitive facial movements and can cause self-consciousness and lack of self-confidence in both men and women.


  • Forehead lines – Vertical furrows across the forehead, are caused by the frontalis muscle. As the eyebrows are raised, this muscle contracts to cause wrinkles above the brow. A variety of factors can make these wrinkles worse, including genetics, age, and smoking.


  • Smile lines - Wrinkles around the eyes, also known as crow’s feet or ‘smile lines’, are one of the first signs of ageing, often being the first wrinkles to appear.


  • Wide Jaw - Botox injections in the masseter muscles can help you achieve a slimmer jawline if you are conscious of a “wide jaw”. This may also help patients suffering from bruxism, otherwise known as “teeth grinding”.


  • Botox Brow Lift – Strategic Botox injections can help lift the tail and apex of your eyebrow, resulting in a beautiful shape with minimal downtime.


  • Saggy Neck – Botox injections along neck platysma bands will tighten the neck/chin and lower face.

Treatment Procedure

Botox injections are not at all painful. By using thin needles and anesthesia (if requested), Dr Mendelovici proceeds to treatment making the injections completely tolerable. Bruising is rare and depends on patients’ skin type/sensibility. Bruising can be easily covered with make-up.


The consultation may last up to 30 minutes, but injections take no longer than 5-10 minutes.


Botox is a safe procedure and has been used within the cosmetic industry for over 20 years.

Why choose Dr Mendelovici for Botox ?

Dr Anne Mendelovici has been a Cosmetic Doctor for more than 20 years and performed thousands of Botox procedures.  All treatments are administered by Dr Anne Mendelovici herself.